Introducing...  Heather V Keffer, Administrative Assistant.

New Beginnings Counseling Services started officially September 1, 1993, by Dr. Keffer for one purpose, and that was to counsel people from a Christian perspective.  He wanted to provide counseling that would teach "truths" that would outlast us.  Those truths come from God's Word that teaches people WHAT they are, so they can understand WHO they are.

Dr. Keffer knew that this is what he was going to do in life from the time he was an adolescent.  It was a joke of his teachers during his high school years, "Who has Doug cornered in what classroom this period?"  His schoolmates began coming to him for help with their issues very early.  He began preaching when he was sixteen, and spent over twenty-three years in the pulpit, preaching at several different churches over those years.

It is a privilege to help people with the issues that arise in their lives that they know they need help with.  Life can get so overwhelming that for the Christian there is only one way to get help and that is from a Christian counselor.  This is the philosophy by which Dr Keffer has approached helping people from the time he was in High School, until now.  He is convinced that it works and is thankful that God continues to bless this counseling ministry.  Call us today if we can be of service to you by helping you understand God's will for your life, so you can have the hope for a better tomorrow and a better life!.

​​Welcome To New Beginnings Counseling Services

As an ordained minister and clinical pastoral counselor, Douglas is a health care professional who has been extensively trained in the treatment of behavioral, emotional and family issues. Douglas has served full-time in the pastorate for over forty-eight years, gaining invaluable experience in counseling people with their diverse needs. He is licensed as a Temperament Therapist, and Clinical Pastoral Counselor (Advanced Certification), Pastoral Counselor and as a Clinical Christian Counselor. He holds clinical membership with the National Christian Counselors Association, The American Society of Christian Therapists, private certifying agencies and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Douglas and his wife, Dana, have been married over forty-nine years and have resided in the Roanoke Valley since 1990.  They came to the Valley for Douglas to serve the Edgewood Christian Church, as senior minister. They have two sons and daughters-in-law, Robert & Sarah and Matthew & Heather, and a beautiful granddaughter, Chloe Raine, and two glorious grandsons, Jasper Douglas (J. D.) and William Robert (Will). He works in a private Christian counseling practice, and presents seminars and workshops on such topics as marriage enrichment, communication skills, parenting skills, listening/attending, stress management, leadership/management development and others. He believes that it is important to handle more than the momentary crises in lives. People must understand their personal characteristics, temperaments and the subsequent snares that have allowed the problems to occur. This is a client, not a problem-centered philosophy. Temperament inventories, intelligence testing, marital/family assessments, and Scriptural applications, all play a part in bringing the individual to meet their problems honestly. Specific issues Douglas has successfully worked with are: marital/family problems, divorce recovery, blended family issues, grief recovery, substance and alcohol abuse, panic attacks, various forms of anxiety and depression, adolescent issues, sex addictions and abuse, co-dependency, eating disorders, stress management, church leadership conflict, spiritual/Biblical struggles and others.

Douglas is available for supply preaching, revivals, consultations, seminars, workshops or speaking at churches, community groups, civic clubs, schools, businesses and industry settings. Call him today.

Introducing... Douglas F C Keffer, Ph. D., Minister, Licensed Temperament Therapist, Pastoral Counselor, Clinical Pastoral Counselor (Advanced Certification), Clinical Christian Counselor, (NCCA) 

Client Oriented...

"New Beginnings Start Today!".

New Beginnings Counseling Services is a private Christian counseling ministry.  We are dedicated to providing the very best personal help to people, who are struggling with many complex issues in life.  NBCS is where you learn how you can deal with the many issues you face, finding ways to cope with life by trusting God to show you His love and care! .

New Beginnings Counseling Services



Heather joined the staff of New Beginnings Counseling        Services in February of 2012.  She is invaluable to the ministry with very good experience in administrative work as she owns and operates her photography studio, Timeless Photography. Her twin sister, Stephanie works along side of her in the studio.

Heather is Dr. Keffer's daughter-in-law, married to their son, Matt. The day-to-day operations of the counseling ministry is handled by Heather, from answering your phone calls to scheduling your appointments, to paying the bills.  She has built a wonderful rapport with our clients, with them knowing that if they need anything, they can call Heather and she is going to help them with their needs.  Please feel free to call Heather anytime as she will be glad to help you with any questions you may have about NBCS. 

Our History...

We are constantly reminded that the reason we exist is to help the people who God sends to us on a daily basis for help.  Our clients come from all walks-of-life, dealing with many diverse and serious issues.  They are taught how God created them, their temperaments, and learn how to look at themselves in new and productive ways to find resolve to the problems they face.